Site Development and Dirt Works for Commercial and Industrial Building Sites in Houston, Friendswood, Pearland, Sugar Land, League City and Galveston areas

Once you have settled on the perfect Houston, Friendswood or Pearland location for your commercial or industrial building, the site must be prepared before construction can begin. There are several site development services that go into preparing a construction site: land clearing services, grubbing (pulling out all the stumps, logs, tree roots, etc.), excavation, and leveling, to name a few of the many dirt works that occur before construction can begin. If your site previously had a building which has been demolished, Tandem will use our land clearing equipment to remove old foundations and old underground pipes. We will clear your commercial property of trees, roots, and debris, completing all the site works needed to construct your industrial or commercial metal building. We here at Tandem Services appreciate you choosing us from all the land clearing companies in the area for your clearing and grubbing work.

Land Clearing Commercial and Industrial Sites in Houston, Friendswood, Pearland, Sugar Land, League City, and Galveston

When you choose Tandem Services out of the many land clearing companies in the League City, Galveston, or Sugar Land areas, you can be assured of hiring a dirt works contractor with integrity.  Our expert contractors will not only provide you with a site plan, for example, but we will also give you a cost and time estimate and stick to it.

 In order to clear your commercial construction site, Tandem Services will bring in the equipment needed, whether heavy equipment or small land clearing equipment, to complete the job in an efficient manner. Your construction site will be subject to clearing and grubbing site works such as the removal of trees, logs, tree roots, and old foundations and underground pipes.

Retaining Wall Contractors in Houston, Friendswood, Pearland, Sugar Land, League City, and Galveston

There are times when your Friendswood, Houston, or Pearland construction site must be dug out while the earth around it stays at a higher level. When this happens, it is important to have quality retaining walls built. Retaining wall engineering requires the use of high-quality retaining walls in order to keep the earth from shifting to the lower level of your site.

At Tandem Services we pour high quality concrete retaining walls which can be left as-is, with a smooth finish, or it can be stamped to give it an appearance of laid rock or brick. The choice is yours and depends upon the appearance you prefer for the face of your business.

Retention Ponds and Detention Pond Design in Houston, Friendswood, Pearland, Sugar Land, League City, and Galveston

With the drainage issues that occur in Sugar Land, League City, Galveston and the rest of Southeast Texas, it is important to hire a dirt works contractor that knows the land and can dig needed retention ponds and detention ponds. If you drive through this area, you may notice lakes that act as retention ponds in subdivisions.  In some subdivisions, there are indented grassy areas that are sometimes used as soccer fields and sometimes left for the residents to have a green space in which to play. These areas are actually detention ponds.

When a retention pond overflows, a detention pond is there to catch the overflow. This system of retention ponds and detention ponds has proven itself to work well, as many area subdivisions that employ this method received little to no house flooding during the floods of 2016 and 2017.

No matter how much site preparation or dirt work is needed for your commercial site, Tandem Services is capable of handling it all.